About us

Created by us, Cameo Cole & Vivian Stomel, two unsuspecting woman who came together for the love of yoga & community! We wanted to cultivate a studio that was welcoming, full of love and a unique & inviting space for our community to come together. Thus, was born The Ritual! When you enter the studio you’ll immediately feel that sense of care and thoughtfulness that we put into every detail.

Our mission is to help each student find their own ritual, whether that is daily, weekly or as a weekend warrior. We believe everyone has a unique need, which is why we offer an array of class styles. Regardless of the ritual you choose, our goal is that you will feel amazing and experience the benefits of yoga on and off the mat!

We are equipped with a state of the art infrared heating technology. Infrared heat has an impressive list of health benefits because it penetrates beyond the outer layer, i.e. your skin, to detoxify the body of heavy metals & reduce signs of aging (think: arthritis & fine lines/wrinkles), all while increasing mobility and circulation. 

We love to chat! Come find us at The Ritual and spark up a conversation with us!

See you on your mat…

-Cameo & Vivian