The class rituals...

Everyone needs a ritual, to move, to breath, to grow... What's your ritual?

Free Flow Ritual

A vinyasa (breath to movement) flow with bold and dynamic movements that invigorate and strengthen your body, with our signature free flows! Leave after one hour feeling much lighter than when you walked into the room. Physically intense & emotionally liberating!

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Guided Flow Ritual

Enjoy an entirely guided vinyasa (breath to movement) sequence with dynamic and invigorating movements and shapes. Leave after one hour feeling much lighter than when you walked into the room. Physically intense & emotionally liberating!

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Slow Flow Ritual

[Assimilation of "HealthyBacks Yoga" developed by Johnny Kest]

From the slower progressive sequences, to the longer holding postures, the entire body and mind are brought into balance in this focused, intense yet calming class. It is a great option for newer students who may be nervous about trying yoga. You will be encouraged to explore all the benefits of each posture while finding equanimity between challenge and release. This practice is breath centered and integrates a deep inward focus.

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Sculpt Ritual

It's the ultimate work out! Sculpt combines vinyasa flow yoga with resistance training & cardio interval training. Think traditional yoga sequences incorporating hand weights to intensify each yoga pose. Then add in strength training exercises like lunges and push ups, paired with occasional high intensity cardio intervals.

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Power Ritual

Ashtanga inspired and body focused, Power yoga builds strength and endurance through your body, and cultivates inner peace and benevolent qualities of your mind. Active and athletic warm ups into longer-hold poses builds stamina & strength while reducing stress & tension.

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Ashtanga Ritual

(90 & 60 min)

Gently heated “introductory-led” Ashtanga Primary Series. Ashtanga is a dynamic, invigorating yoga system built through a series of guided postures. A sweet blend of breath to movement, balance, power, focus, flexibility, and, yes, sweaty fun! (90 min - Full Primary; 60 min - Short Form)

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26+2 Ritual

Derived from Ghosh's Yoga College of India, this heated sequence of 26 postures bookmarked by 2 different breathing exercises is designed to promote awareness and appreciation of self. Modified to 60 minutes, this class has been designed to improve strength, range of motion and balance within the body.

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Yin Ritual

Primarily all seated or grounded postures, each pose is held for 3-8 minutes each, allowing your body to deeply stretch and release into your connective tissues and ligaments. Highly therapeutic + promotes deeper sleep!

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Mat Pilates Ritual

Mat Pilates is a total body condition method that begins with strengthening the core and then moving throughout the entire body. Bringing strength and stability to the body with specific exercises, more mobility can be achieved so that the muscles can become long and supple to help with avoiding and recovering from injuries. Classes can be done with props to add variations or just simply using the body's own resistance for balance.

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