The class rituals...

Everyone needs a ritual, to move, to breath, to grow... What's your ritual?

The Free Flow Ritual

Flow in Vinyasa, made for all levels, with bold, dynamic movements that invigorate and strengthen your body with our signature free flows, a time for intuitive movement! Use the heat and energy built to find your edge, where breath carries you through. Complete your practice with deep stretch yin, before we end in a mindful, peaceful svasana.

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The Guided Flow Ritual

Enjoy a guided Vinyasa sequence with dynamic and invigorating breath to movement sequences for all level yogis. Explore what it means to embrace the edge of your practice with strong and challenging long holds before rounding off your practice with deepening yin poses and rejuvenating svasana.

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The Sculpt Ritual

Burn, baby, burn! Test your strength and fortitude in our heart pumping, beat bumping yoga sculpt. Warm up with athletic style Sun Salutations, dynamic movements to open and express with, before we pick up the weights and blaze through low impact, strength building movements. At long last, no class is complete without the relief of yin stretches and surrendered svasana.

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The Chakra Ritual

Awaken, cultivate and balance your 7 chakras. Each week specializes in one chakra through a guided vinyasa sequence of invigorating and dynamic movement. Ground your root, embrace your sacral, move your solar plexus, warm your heart, enunciate your throat, visualize your third eye, guide your crown, flowing breath to movement. If you miss one, no worries; we will come back to it in a few short weeks!

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Sun & Moon Ritual

As the sun sets, the moon rises. Explore the best of both worlds, yang and yin. Spend the first half of class getting your shine on with dynamic and invigorating breath to movement. Spend the last half of class settling into the illuminating bliss of yin. Yin postures are held for 3-5 minutes to give your body and mind time to deeply experience each asana. End this practice with the ultimate rest, svasana.

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The Yin Ritual

By the light of the moon, find the parts of you calling for attention, physically, emotionally, spiritually. During this yin series, each grounded pose is held for 3-5 minutes, which allows your body to deeply stretch into your connective tissues and ligaments. Each breath melts you inward. Explore the dark side.

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The Ashtanga Ritual

(90 & 60 min)

Join us for a gently heated “introductory-led” Ashtanga Primary Series Vinyasa class. Ashtanga is a dynamic invigorating yoga system that takes the practitioner through a guided series of set poses that can be modified for accessibility and exploration while feeling gracefully energetic, meditative, and challenged. A sweet blend of breath to movement, balance, power, focus, flexibility, and, yes, sweaty fun! (90 min - Full Primary; 60 min - Short Form)

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The Power Ritual

Developed out of Ashtanga, Power Yoga focuses on building strength and endurance, while cultivating inner peace and benevolence. Rely on your breath, build heat, strengthen your endurance, and feel powerful as you move through each asana. End this session with deep yin and rejuvenating svasana.

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The Mat Pilates Ritual

Mat Pilates is a total body condition method that begins with strengthening the core and then moving throughout the entire body. Bringing strength and stability to the body with specific exercises, more mobility can be achieved so that the muscles can become long and supple to help with avoiding and recovering from injuries. Classes can be done with props to add variations or just simply using the body's own resistance for balance.

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