The Teacher-to-Teacher Mentorship Program

Whether you are a teacher in training (YTT) or have few to many years of teaching experience, this yoga teacher mentorship program is a safe explorative non-judgemental space to help build, polish, inspire, and bring forth the great unique teacher in all of us!

Your Mentor

Jessica Brown

She’s committed to fostering a safe and empowering space where you can expand your knowledge, grow personally, and explore the art of teaching. Join her on this exciting journey to discover your strengths, refine your skills, and elevate your craft. Jessica’s mentorship goes beyond the physical aspects of yoga, delving into the holistic approach of becoming a confident and authentic instructor. Get ready to embrace self-discovery, connect with a supportive community, and unfold the layers of your potential under Jessica’s guidance. This mentorship is a transformative experience that goes beyond perfection, it’s about becoming the best version of yourself as a yoga teacher.

Key Focus Areas in Our Mentorship Program

  • Weaving together a complete & well-balanced class.
  • Learn the art of holding space through stillness, silence, & meditation.
  • Develop the skill of sequencing asanas with seamless transitions.
  • Expertly craft purposeful themes, elevating each class into an engaging yoga experience.
  • Explore the impactful use of music to set the tone, creating a vibrant & resonant atmosphere.
  • Master concise & clear cuing, ensuring instructions are easily understood without overwhelming.
  • Blend yin & yang elements for dynamic, vibrant flows in your classes.
  • Explore the body’s physical & energetic dimensions
  • Cultivate room awareness, staying present & connecting with the diverse needs of all.
  • Discover your unique voice as a teacher, speaking from the gut with authenticity & passion.

Rate Structure

One Session – $1505-Pack Session – $650 (Save $100)
ONE 1-Hour session with lead teacherFIVE 1-Hour sessions with lead teacher
Teaching 1 Free Public Class on SaturdayTeaching 5 Free Public Classes on Saturday