Meet Your Ritual Teachers

All of our teachers are trained, certified and ready to support you with your Ritual practice.

Andrea Flores

Andrea found Pilates 20 years ago when a debilitating illness left her barely able to walk after over 17 years of being a fit and accomplished dancer. She was able to strengthen and create balance in her body that made her stronger than ever before. From her rehab with Pilates, she became certified and continued as a dancer and fitness instructor with emphasis on rehabilitation to help others achieve the same results. Classically trained, Andrea is one of the most sought out instructors by Physical Therapists and studios in the Pilates field for being able to read the body in front of her and having the knowledge to be versatile and dynamic so the client continues to evolve. After completing her 500 RYT she has created classes that combine both Yoga and Pilates for her students that love both methodologies and strengthen their practice. When you take her classes you will feel connected, strong and challenged. Most important of all you will have fun!

Cathy Rios

I have been teaching fitness and movement for 15 years Including as the owner and operator of a Crossfit Facility. Upon developing an autoimmune disorder I discovered yoga and embraced the yogic lifestyle earning my RYT200 Hatha yoga cert. and in the process of my RYT500. Most of my time is spent with my hubby and 5 daughters. As an animal lover my 3 cats and 3 dogs own a huge piece of my heart. Upon discovering Yoga, I instantly fell in love and have been practicing and teaching ever since. I believe that breath and movement coexist as a dance of life.

Corina Silva

Yoga came into my daily life during college when I suffered a running injury that left me in crutches. At the moment, I was devastated but it was the start to something greater. I learned to be still, listen to my body and overall made me stronger in all aspects of life. You name it, yoga helped me through it. Today, I get to share my love of yoga with others. I create space to come as you are, work through mental barriers and ultimately connect with your breath. Paired with some good beats and community, nothing else can compare.

Doug Milliron

Yoga was something that I discovered while in graduate school, simply a way for those in the program to warm-up one's body and gain flexibility. Once I moved to Los Angeles my need to practice led me to a class, then a membership, then a teacher training and finally teaching. I have been blessed to lead people through their yoga practice for the past 6 years. During those years I have taught over 2000 classes including opportunities to work with the LA Dodgers, LA Rams, Lululemon, Sierra Canyons High School Basketball Team as well as many other groups around California. My style of teaching is playful organic movement with inspired themes. This naturally leads to creating a deeply whole experience that links us to the moment.

Emily Sutton

I grew up dancing and moving my body since I was 3, so it’s only natural I fell in love with yoga too! I got my 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2018, and have been deepening my practice ever since. I specialize in vinyasa/power yoga, yoga sculpt (with weights) restore/yin, meditation, and sound healing . My classes are challenging yet fun! My goal is to get you out of your head and into your body, release any blocked energy, and learn how to flow with life on and off your mat!

Janelle Johnson

I have been practicing yoga and its methods since 2008. I resonated with the feeling of confidence, peace and love; the practice gave me. From teaching my first class in Seattle, I have continued to appreciate my students and being a student herself. My life has taken me to live in and experience all four corners of the United States, as well as 4 ½ years in Europe, mainly London. Yoga is one thing that I have been able to take with me through the many facets of my life. I love sharing the feeling of stability and grounding that yoga has given me. I can’t wait to get in the room with you!

Jessica Brown

A small-town girl from Texas but I love the grandness of life. I’m a mother of two daughters, married to my best friend, and have lived in 8 different countries. Being an athlete for many years has taught me dedication, commitment, and perseverance. Practicing yoga daily is a graceful way for me to explore, notice, mend, seek space within, and shine light on the places that are exposed through the breath. Finding the path of yoga continually humbles me. As a life-long student of the practice seeking growth and deeper connection, I have been gifted the opportunity to teach the practice to others. My classes are expansive, energetic, passionate, yet sprinkled with moments of deep inner connection and awareness. My intention is to create a space for students to be fully present and engaged while peeling away the layers of the self to reveal the authentic self.

Jessica Herrera

I fell in love with yoga because it challenged me physically & mentally to genuinely do the best I can as an individual. It taught me to be fearless! I took what I learned from these challenges and fell in love with creating a safe space for others to share the love that I have learned through yoga. I enjoy motivating others through music and movement. All that matters is that you show up and do your best :)

Julia Venable

With her background in vinyasa flow, hot power yoga, yoga with weights, restorative/yin, as well as reiki and mindfulness, Julia will take you through an hour of connecting with your mind, body, and spirit. Incorporating mindful sequencing, a bumpin’ playlist, and a spirit of playfulness throughout class, you will leave your mat feeling refreshed, sweaty, and happy.

Mandy Castillo

Mom of 2 and wife! I have been practicing yoga for almost 10 years, and want to share all I’ve found in the practice including getting to know my inner true self, finding the present moment to land in, the most beautiful connection with the breath, getting in tune with your intuition and what you need in the moment and just feeling better overall and making connections within the community!

Mateo Kest

Since the day I was born, I’ve been exposed in yoga everyday. It wasn’t until I was 15 that I decided to immerse myself in a teacher training. Now at 17, I’ve developed my own unique style of yoga. When you come to my class, you can expect a fun infusion of power, vinyasa, cardio, and of course, your focused breath!

Mike Scalise

I started practicing yoga over 16 years ago and like many things in life my practice had its ebbs and flows. My passion and deep rooted love for yoga came back after moving to Venice and quickly led me to teacher training where my sole intention was to deepen my practice and understanding of yoga. Plot twist, here I am teaching, sharing a passion for connectivity through a practice that I love and look forward to sharing with you. In my classes you will be challenged and pushed to your edge but balanced by a sense of serenity. Off the mat I am a father, husband and full time professional who loves to be in the kitchen cooking with good wine, traveling to new places, soaking up the warm sun on a beach and spending time with my family. I look forward to meeting you in the studio on your mat!

Natalie Bannan

I fell in love with yoga after the first class I took. Being a wife and mother of 3 constantly keeps me on my toes, and my yoga practice is a way to calm and center myself. Yoga has taught me to bring those calm and centered feelings from my mat to my everyday life. Through yoga I have awakened a trust in my body, my practice, and myself that was not there before. I am grateful for the ability to share yoga and all the benefits it has to offer with others. Mindful movement, breath work, balance, alignment, and focus are key factors in my approach to teaching. My goal is that every student feels their strongest inside and out and walks away from class feeling better than they did before.

Natalie Elliott

I started practicing yoga when I was in high school. I’d take a class every Saturday morning at 8am, which was a lot of dedication for a sleepy 16 year old! Nothing else had ever sparked as much passion and commitment in me as yoga did. I went on to get my 200 hr training in 2018, followed by my Prenatal Yoga training in 2020. For me, yoga means connecting the mind and body, and the breath with movement. The studio is a place where you get to let go of all the craziness and just tune into YOU. My classes are grounding, playful and challenge you to deeply listen to your body and trust your intuition.

Rutu Shah

I'm passionate about yoga because it truly helps me turn inwards and get to know my mind and my body better - it pushes me to be the strongest version of myself on and off my mat! When i'm not practicing or teaching, I love to travel, cook, create, read, hike, go on adventures and try new things!

Sarah Waterman

Growing up wild in the Maine woods, I was left to my own devices much of the time. In my early years at the University, I found yogic philosophy and it seemed to sing to my soul. It was the second time in my life I had felt a true calling in my heart (the first: horses). It was years before I ever took a moving yoga class, reading different spiritual texts and gaining momentum. From that moment on, I felt like everything fell into place; it gifted me true connection to myself, mind, body and soul, during my roaring 20’s. Since then, after taking teacher training on the East Coast, moving 3000 miles from home, and doing it all over again here on the West Coast, I found my tribe, people I loved being around, doing the same crazy things I loved to do: sweat, laugh, cry, and connect. I’ve been blessed to be a part of the yogic community here and can’t wait to share that same enthusiasm with all of you!

Spencer Emanuelle

My mom introduced me to yoga and meditation as a young child. At night before bedtime, she would read me excerpts from Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Gandhi, and Thich Nhat Hanh, but I didn't start my own practice until Freshman year of college. The practice helped me deal with the ever growing list of hard, human life experiences I’d stored in my bones and psyche. After pursuing professional singing I found the stress of the industry, constant comparisons and criticisms, and relentless rejection had lowered my self worth to next to nothing. Practicing yoga regularly and completing my YTT in Costa Rica with Jonah Kest completely cracked my heart wide open. It broke me, it built me, it transformed my way of thinking. I actually began healing. That is what I hope to give any student who takes my class: The process to begin healing. You will leave feeling powerful, strong, courageous, and DRENCHED. You are such a gift, and I am here to help open you up.

Stacy McNeal

As someone energized by music and appreciative of the freedom to create, I am passionate about sharing yoga with you! My classes offer a playful approach to an ancient system that allows for a form of therapy in motion. Backed by a warm, dark environment and set to oftentimes whimsical playlists, I encourage you to witness how your thoughts are processed and to develop an awareness of your body in space, in each moment, with encouragement of your breath.

Tara Smith

Taylor Nitzsche

Yoga came into my life by accident, but it has quickly weaved its way into every part of me. I have fallen in love with the practice and simply want to share it through my own learning lens. When you come to your mat, I encourage you to breathe and listen to your body. Each day we are different, and the same goes with our movement. So let your practice be your teacher, and every class will be your best class. Xx

Teresa 'Tee' Lebron

As a retired Dancer of stage, film and television for 15 + yrs. throughout my career I was exposed to Yoga and would practice when I could in between dance jobs. It helped me to maintain and balance Mind, Body and Spirit. In time I truly fell in love with the practice. It not only replaced dance for me and healed me from some curve balls life tends to throw, it lead me to understanding my passion, my purpose. Today I am a better person all around as I continue to learn and grow through Yoga. Yoga not only for me but for others I have witnessed has proven to be life changing physically, mentally and emotionally. It can take you through anything. It keeps you focused, keeps you strong and grows you in so many ways. An amazing recipe for achieving so much for one’s Life as someone new or a veteran to the practice. For me… I cannot live without my Faith or my Yoga and being able to share and spread this wealth of knowledge and experience is a dream come true... I am so happy to be part of the The Ritual family and our growing community. I so look forward to the fun, growth and the Yoga Love we will all be sharing!

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