Themed Classes & Workshops

Friday May 24th @ 6PM

Combust to Calm

With Spencer E

Saturday May 25th @ 1:30PM

Backbend Workshop

With Nick P

May 3rd, May 17th & May 31st @ 7:30PM


With Mandy C

June 8th @ 1:30PM

Trigger Point Release Workshop

With Doug M

June 14th @ 6:00PM

Best of Kendrick Lamar Free Flow

With Spencer

June 15th @ 11:15AM

Puppy Yoga With Paw Works

With Teresa L

June 22nd @ 1:30PM

Yin With Adjustments Workshop

With Teresa L

June 28th @ 10:00AM

Drunk in Love – a Beyonce themed free flow

With Spencer E

June 14th & June 28th @ 7:30PM


With Mandy C

June 29th @ 1:30PM

Heal Your Back: Yoga Workshop to Alleviate Back Pain

With Mike S